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MongoDB ExpressJS Reactjs Nodejs MySQL Git REST APIs GraphQL TailwindCSS Typescript Python PHP
Bachelor of Tech, Dr. BATU University 2019 - 2022, Score: 9.3 CGPA
Diploma in CS, MSBTE 2015 - 2019, Score: 76.44%
Work Experience
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TARS Technologies Inc
Banglore, India
Fullstack Engineer [DEC 2021 - PRESENT]
  • Researched and Integrated a live chat system at TARS with open-source platforms for Web and WhatsApp platforms, enabling efficient customer support during peak traffic, like FIFA 2022 event.
  • Led backend development for LLM integration in Tars Chatbot builder, Where the entire websites of 1000's pages can crawl in 30 seconds by using concurrency.
  • Refactored TARS dashboard and backend into React, Typescript, Webpack 5, and its plugins. Reduced webpack build times by 90% by using caching and moving type checking on a different thread.
  • Consistently resolved customer issues and provided customer-specific solutions every week, working closely with sales and customer success teams as a solutions engineer.
Aurangabad, India
Fullstack Engineer [JAN 2019 - NOV 2021]
  • Constructed GateArch's online exam portal for administering mock exams for architecture students.
  • Collaborated with Wonder Learning's to implement their learning management system, allowing 20+ schools to transition to online learning during the pandemic, using Laravel.
  • Developed TaxGlobe for the TaxGlobe community to share market trends and purchase books.
  • And many more like Swapnapurti Travels, TechVision Global, and more. With 100% positive feedback and at least a year of maintenance.