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Languages and Technologies
Languages: Python, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Java Databases:MySQL, SQLite, MongoDB, Weaviate Frameworks:ExpressJs, Django, FastAPI, ReactJs/NextJS, TailwindCSS, Langchain, Laravel Technologies:Nodejs, REST APIs, GraphQL, WebSockets, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS, Git, Shell Scripting (bash), Linux, OpenAI GPT Others:Design Patterns, Data Structures and Algorithms, Continues Integration and Deployment
Work Experience
Fullstack Engineer - TARS July 2022-Present
  • Achieved 1000% growth in new chatbots, boosting platform sign-ups; engineered Python API backend which turns the website URL into an ai-chatbot in 30 seconds.
  • Deployed Python API backend handling thousands of API requests using Docker, GitHub Actions, AWS EKS, and Prometheus-Grafana for seamless CI/CD, cloud deployment, and monitoring respectively.
  • Built livechat into WhatsApp chatbot backend helping customers like Vodafone Qatar handle support during stressful events like FIFA 2022 and many more.
  • Improved bundling performance by 90% by upgrading to Webpack 5, and its plugins by using caching, identifying and refactoring slow points, and moving type-checking into separate a thread. Also improved developer's productivity by introducing typescript and strict type-checking at build time.
  • Halved customer success team's solution delivery time by creating a UI that automated their workflow for testing solutions.
Junior Fullstack Engineer - TARS Dec 2021 - Jun 2022
  • Built livechat into web chatbot which requires no additional sign-up and can be used by any existing Tars customers.
  • Helped increase query response time by 20% and increased developers' productivity by refactoring and documenting old parts of the NodeJS backend code.
  • Improved dashboard performance and development time by helping in rewriting existing backbone-js code into React.
  • Integrated Zendesk Livechat into Tars WhatsApp chatbot backend, Letting businesses connect their agents to customers via WhatsApp.
Freelnace Web Developer Jan 2019 - Nov 2021
  • Developed a website for the TaxGlobe community to share market trends and purchase books using Livewire, AlpineJS, and MySQL. Read more in detail at Design Document.
  • Collaborated with Wonder Learning to implement their learning management system, allowing 20+ schools to transition to online learning during the pandemic using Laravel, VueJS, and MySQL. Read more in detail at Design Document.
  • Constructed GateArch's online exam portal for administering mock exams for architecture students using Laravel and MySQL. Read more in detail at Design Document.